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Welcome to the official homepage of xbms, the unix streaming server for xbox mediaplayer.
With xbms, it is possible to 'share' movies, pictures and audio on your unix box, so they are accessible from your xbox.

Original xbms code by Jeff33 (jeff[at]home.bidou.info)
Various fixes by BigUglyFool and Stefan Mansby (stefan[at]nis.nu)

New Patch! Frodo submitted a xbmc-compatibility-patch, which allows xbms to be used as (guess what?) xbmc-streaming server.

I know that there hasn't been a lot of news lately, just wanted to inform you that there is a official xbms-port in the FreeBSD portstree now.
You'll find it in '(/usr/ports/)net/xbms'.

Small patch concerning filenames/folders containing a comma released.
Will be included in the next release.

First xbms version for 2003! From CHANGELOG:

fixed: xbms is no more fault tolerant either if / is appended to PATH or submitted in front of the path by xbmp (fixes m3u and picture issue)
fixed: make it compile under tru64 5.0 (Luke Petelczyc)
replaced strsep by strtok for tru64 comp reason
fixed: change group first. Otherwise groupchange always fails (thx to forsaken for pointing that out)
fixed: logging "closing file" even if debug level 0 is set (reported by Jori)
added: -f and FOREGROUND to disable daemonizing. (tric, idea by falz/tc)

xbms 0.30.5 out now!

fixed: lots of small fuckups by me (tric)
fixed: works on BSD again (using blocking sockets again), no need for -DLINUX anymore
fixed: code cleanup/rewrite (big thx to tc)
changed: dirs/files without enough permission are skipped to prevent xbmp lockup
changed: forking change to pthreads (thx to Forsaken for the patch)
changed: pidfile will be created with starting-users permissions
added: introduced -P for commandline and PIDFILE in config
added: -r switch to allow only this remote ip (thx to Forsaken), its called REMOTE_IP in the configfile

Yeah, I know. Second bugfix in two days. This one fixes some BSD-problems (thanks go out to m0nknutz for testing).
It is a very unclean fix; The BSD version lacks signal-handling for now, but it is streaming and tric is working on that issue.

Well, there was a stupid error in configure that included -DLINUX as Compiler Flag, no matter what OS you are running.
Further, there has been a bugfix concerning the logging function.

As some of you already know, Jeff33 handed over the project to tric, who did a lot of additions to xbms lately (including xbmp2-support).

xbms 0.30.4 is finished now and brings even more features:

- Code cleanup
- Server is daemonized
- Server logs
- Config-File Support
- fixed: now checking for finished childs every 2 seconds
- fixed: removed some possible buffer overflow
- changed: using full path instead of $/ so mp3 playlists do work
- "autosensing" configure script

Right now, xbms has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD and MacOSX and is working fine, other unix flavours are hopefully to come.